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Enrol or update your details by following Steps 1-9, then click submit. Alternatively you may use the Download Form button below to print and complete.

Please view Online Enrolment - Frequently Asked Questions for assistance with this form.

Step 1: Previous enrolment

I am enrolling for the first time (go to Step 2)

If you have enrolled before and your details are not displaying, please enter the details of your last enrolment.

Step 2: Must read information

It is compulsory for all eligible Australian citizens over 18 years to enrol to vote.

You are eligible to enrol and vote if you are:

  • 18 years or over
  • an Australian citizen, or a British subject who was enrolled on 25 January 1984* and
  • have lived at your address which is your principal place of residence for at least one month.

* For Victorian elections only, you are eligible to enrol and vote if you were a British subject enrolled between 26 October 1983 and 25 January 1984 inclusive.

You can enrol at 17 years of age for but cannot vote until you are 18.

The Victorian Electoral Commission is authorised under the Victorian Electoral Act 2002 to collect and verify the information you have provided on this form. Your electoral information may be disclosed to persons or organisations in accordance with Commonwealth and State legislation. Please visit Who has access to my electoral information? for more details.

Please confirm that you have read and understood this information by selecting the tick box below.

I have read and understood the above information

Step 3: Current personal details

Step 4: Current residential address

Step 5: Current postal address

Same as current residential address

Step 6: Contact details

We may need to contact you to clarify the details you have entered. Please provide your contact details and preferred method of contact during normal business hours.

Step 7: Citizenship status

Please select your citizenship status

Australian citizen by birth
I have become an Australian citizen
British subject who was enrolled on 25 January 1984

You are eligible to enrol and vote if you were a British subject enrolled between 26 October 1983 and 25 January 1984 inclusive.

Step 8: Evidence of identity

Confirm your identity using one of the following three options

Australian Driver Licence
Australian Passport
A person who is on the electoral roll will confirm my identity
Person confirming your identity

I am on the Commonwealth electoral roll, and I confirm the identity of the applicant

Step 9: Enrolment declaration

I have read the information in Step 2 about who can enrol and vote. I am eligible to enrol at my current residential address as listed in Step 4 and claim enrolment for State and local government elections in Victoria. The information I have given is true and complete. I understand that giving false or misleading information is a serious offence.

Please note: The IP address of the device you are currently using will be saved as part of your application, used for validation, auditing and fraud prevention and will be stored permanently.

Witness details
I am on the Victorian electoral roll, and I saw the applicant sign or make a mark in the Applicant signature box above